Competent employees

R3B Training is aimed at supporting clients as much as possible in acquiring skills by employees. This allows them to perform their work safely in accordance with the applicable guidelines and the Working Conditions Act.

Training and advice

To achieve this, R3B Safety & Rescue provides both training and advice. The training courses are aimed at learning how to perform work in an efficient, but above all, safe way, with ample attention being given to solving problems if something goes wrong, so that colleagues are able to provide adequate assistance.

To support our training, we give a lot of advice regarding the materials to be used, the preparation of safety instructions and the implementation of emergency procedures. All methodologies have been extensively tested in practice and guarantee fast and workable solutions.

For an overview of all our training options, please visit our Dutch training page.

Training areas

We train in-house emergency services and (fire brigade) rescue teams in performing simple to very complex rescue work at great heights, in depths and around the water.

Extensive attention is paid to the safe approach, stabilization, liberation and evacuation of victims in accordance with the latest (inter) national guidelines.

International experience

Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience, we have provided training courses to numerous nationalities throughout the world.

More information about the training courses?

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